Hello And Welcome

Egyptian practitioner and magic has been dated back centaury. The Egyptians believed the earth, air , sky and the universe were populated by countless beings with a higher purpose that were magical attached.  This gave them the strength to do many things within Love especially. My family's blood-line runs very deep within my veins as I am a generational spell caster but what makes me unique is my Egyptian and Native blood line. Not only do I have the power of one side but two sides of ancestors with special gifts including healings, negative cleanses or removals, Love Spells , Attraction Spells my work is 95.5% guaranteed as long as my instructions are fulfilled and we work together as one within the work. 

If you are not willing to work together then I'm the wrong person to help you .

Hi my name is Janelle and welcome to my page! I would like to Thank you for taking the time in getting to know me and what I have to offer,  

I have worked with extremely gifted and powerful spiritual superiors who have helped me master the art of many different types of spiritual healings. I

have over 35 years of exp. 

and have dedicated my life in assisting people for many years with issues of all forms. I am A Love Spell Specialist and Spiritual Healer. 

I have the power, knowledge and wisdom to help you overcome negative energy , negative influences , 

black magic, evil spells , evil eye,  bad karma, curses & bad luck. My over all goal is to releases you of any kind of negative energy that prevents 

you from achieving true love, prosperity and your overall success in life.

My Native  & Egyptian background has given me an open vassal in helping others receive the fulfillment, truly being able to see results in order to work with me like stated above your in the process of making your spell completed. Your mind, body, and spirit is invested as well. Depending on your customized & personalized spell, removals, cleansing etc.  the use of biological materials from the spell seeker is mandatory. Not only is pictures and date of birth a must as well but so is your energy involved in the work which what makes it unique  as well. Don't waste your time on someone who will tell you" make a payment and I will take care of it" doesn't work that way with the spiritual realm.  Spells and any other work is a process and that is something all potential clients need to know.  A  evaluation will be done before moving forward in any casting or removals, cleansing etc.  in order to recommend the best fit and strength of work that needs to be done in order to get to the root of the problem to fix and seal.